Section-1 NSO

An NSO (Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay) sits on top of R10 zoning. That means that when you apply for a building permit the City of Dallas will first look at the NSO restrictions and enforce accordingly. Any restriction not covered under the NSO will then be covered by R10 zoning. For example, the NSO for section 1 has no height restriction. This means that the height will then be governed by the City’s R10 zoning.

Section-I is the only section in Casa Linda Estates where an NSO applies and does not include the homes of Section-I which front Buckner

Section FYSB Street/Corner SYSB Interior SYSB Height
1 – All Others

* The NSO applies to Section-1 excluding Buckner Frontage homes. There is no height restriction under this NSO. As a result the height of the homes under the NSO are governed by R10A zoning, which is 30-feet.


NOTE: FYSB = Front Yard Setback; SYSB = Side Yard Setback