Casa Linda Lights

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Casa Linda is a special place to live; it just is……

Huge lots, mature trees, no sidewalks and a wide variety of architectural styles set it apart, but beyond all that are the people who live here. Our demographic is as diverse as the houses we live in, but our people generally have a few things in common: friendly, open minded, easy going, and most of all…….BIG HEARTS!!

The authentic nature of our neighbors is part of why my family stays here after 15 years, and we are just babies of the neighborhood compared to many who have been here since their homes were built or who have inherited homes from original owners. So, when rumblings of desire to start a great tradition for our neighborhood began to spread, I can’t say I was surprised.

Last year an idea gained momentum and resulted in the inaugural effort to light up the neighborhood with luminaries and raise funds for a local firefighter badly injured in the line of duty. It was a HUGE EFFORT involving countless hours of planning and many, many volunteers. Spearheaded by our very own Kristen Boothe, the planning committee knew there would be glitches (and there were!!), but we also knew that nothing worth while happens without perseverance. Regardless, I have to be honest, after the effort was over I remember being proud we’d tried something so big for our neighborhood, but also left wondering……………………….Was it all worth it?

Then, only days later, I started to receive thank you notes from neighbors truly grateful for all the effort. Many were filled with touching sentiment about how beautiful and nostalgic the night was, and how much it meant to them to live in a place where people would even attempt something like this. I also realized how many Casa Linda neighbors I’d gotten to know better, and what a great time we’d had working as a team to make this happen. Lastly, I was reminded that we’d raised $5,000 for Jeff Patterson’s family. That is real help!

Almost overnight, I was convinced we were on the right track; we just needed to forge ahead (and I wasn’t alone).

So here we are……

committed to making this year an even better endeavor. We are making adjustments and improvements, setting our sights higher, and seeking out anyone and everyone in our neighborhood who is willing to help make this into an amazing tradition. There is a way for each of you to help. Read on to see how this years effort is going to work and how you can be a part of something worthwhile.

Sincerely, Kara Kennedy