Casa Linda Lights Volunteer

Be a Part of Casa Linda Lights…Volunteer!

Thank you for your interest in helping with Casa Linda Lights. Our community loves to get together but this year, we cannot.
But our tradition of giving back can continue!

Luminary Placement Day, December 5th: It has never been easier to be part of a Casa Linda Lights “light team”. Stroll the streets on your own placing lights or organize a group in your “household” to work together. There are 3 steps to signing up…

  1. We are spacing supply pick-up times so that we can stay socially distanced at pick up. Sign up for that here
  2. View map above for block numbers and sign up for the blocks (2 or more) you want to work on herePlease note, NE blocks are on the Albertsons side of Buckner, SW blocks are on the Post office side of Buckner. Lights Set-Up Sign-Up
  3. Sign up to pick-up the lights on Monday. If you can set-up and take down lights, please sign up in both places! Lights Pick-Up Sign-Up

We may also need some help with material Prep: In the weeks approaching December 5th, there are a few ways people can help prepare materials. If you have wood working skills or just want to help out in advance, reach out and we may have a task you could really help out with.

Contact Kara Kennedy directly (214) 533-7737, Kara can help you get plugged in and signed up for whatever part you’d like to be help with. Thank you!

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